KittySpring Fountain

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The non-electric 2-day fresh water supply for your cat.


Fresh Water for Your Cat at All Times

A hydrated cat is a healthier cat. With KittySpring, you know your fluffy always has a small oasis of fresh and clean water at home. Entice them to drink from this whisker-friendly fountain without ever having to change the water in the bowl again.

FDA and RoHS certified

9 Benefits for 9 Lives

Cat-approved materials

Whisker Care

Light & Compact

Built-in Filter

Easy Clean

Multi-cat Large Dish

Non-electric & Noiseless

Stable Base

Constant Supply of Fresh Water

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

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Your Cat’s Favorite Way To Drink

KittySpring ensures maximal comfort and safety for your cat. Your fluffy will always have a steady supply of fresh drinking water to drink calmly in its whisker-friendly shallow bowl.

Impossible to Knock Over

Thanks to its stable support, KittySpring can endure any attack from your fluffy’s curious paws. It not only keeps your house clean but also adds a sleek touch to your home interior.

Enough Water Every Day

Cats need 0.8 oz/lb of fresh water every day. Yet most cats don't drink enough. With KittySpring, your cat will happily drink for 2 days without you having to fill it up.


  • Stable Support with No-Spill Water Dish
  • Fresh & Calm Water Stream with Built-in Stainless Steel Filter
  • Sleek Design with Premium Pet-Safe Materials
  • Two-color Option

Gift Your Cat Their Own KittySpring Fountain

Shower your cat with this enjoyable water drinking experience today

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